You can have Seahorses?


I didn’t know you could have seahorses! Are they difficult to keep? Do they need any special food or conditions? Are some types easier to get than others? Tell me everything! I have an Angelfish, Blennies, a Cardinal and a Goby, and a few snails. I used to have a couple of Firefish too, but that’s another story. Would seahorses have any issues with them? I’d hate to lose any more, so now I’m going to be super cautious about what I get. Does it matter what kinds of coral I have?


Hi Jen, I have 120 gallon tank setup just for Sea Horses… I have 1 male and3 females … they have started having having babies just recently and i amnow in the process of raising the fry…its very hard and devastating because the die out on the babies is so high on captive breed … i didn’t get my sea horses to breed i got them because they can be mesmerizing to watch … Erectus which is what i have are fairly easy to keep … Dwarf on the other hand are not … there are a few other types out there but i chose the Erectus because they can get 7-8 inches tall or sometimes bigger and to me are the easiest to keep …i have 4 engineer gobies with them and some saltwater mollies and a damsel in with them to help keep the excess down as well as a ton of macro which helps keep the water parameters in tact … most all fish will steal the food from the sea horses …they eat very slow … they will get fixated on one piece and chase that piece even if 20 fall in front of them …lol i tend to overfeed so they get plenty but with the other fish i dont have issues with any excess … unlike the stories of the water having to be very slow it can be at a medium rate …however they dont swim very well and will hitch on numerous things till they get where they are going so having stuff for them to hitch on is very important and ive found they like to rest at the slower water flow areas . as far as coral …most coral can sting a sea horse … what is called softies are the best recommended for them… like xenias,leathers,mushroom,polyps,etc …


Wow 7-8 inches is huge! That’s awesome. I would love to see a thread showing your tank with pictures :stuck_out_tongue:


Lol yea they are very noticeable swimming around … I have a female that when you approach the tank she is swimming back and forth trying to get attention … most generally they come out after the blues are …which my blues aren’t blues like the other tanks because of the macro I have to have the blues 1/2 with the actinic and one daylight as the “nighttime mode " lol so the tank is always lit up … but I have only a 36” fixture as my sea horses dont like bright lighting …


They are beautiful! I love animals with character that do things unique to themselves. Which is why I want to get a Bluespotted Jawfish because they are always digging in rocks and spitting them all over. But I really feel like I need 6 inches or more of mixed sand and coral debris. So I’m considering a tank that showcases him.


Thank you … oh yea that would be awesome… I have 4 engineer gobies in with the sea horses tank that are over a foot long … started as babies about 2 inches lol they keep the bottom clean with their trails … if you stick your head under the tank you can see their trails …lol


Thank you Ann. Those pictures are amazing! I may have to this. Would you suggest keeping them is a separate tank from the other fish since they don’t eat fast, or just overfeed and have a good cleaning crew? Are there plants you can put in there for the seahorses to hitch onto, or is it better to stick to plastic? Sorry for all the questions, I’m just really excited about doing this. I’ll be sure to only use the soft corals for them. Thanks again for your advice.