The best corals to start with?


I’ve seen lots of contrary information about which corals are best to start with. I’ve gathered that soft corals are the best ones to start with, but which ones? I’ve heard some of them are invasive. How do I keep them from spreading too much? If I have several invasive corals, will they hold each other in check? I’d rather not have to deal with at all. Any recommendations or advice would be appreciated.
I don’t have a lot of money to waste, but if I do a good job (no pressure) I may be able to convince the wife to let me put more into it.


Yes, soft corals are good to start with. Easier to take care of and harder to kill. Zoanthids are very easy and come in a variety of colors. You could probably get a starter tank going with nothing but Zoanthids, but it wanted a bit more variety, a Toadstool coral is another good starter. They do shed though, so you may have to turn up the water movement to help them along when they do. The Green Star Polyp is often recommended for newbie reefers, but can be invasive. The best thing to do is put them on a separate rock away from the others. You don’t want them stinging each other.