Midwest Reef fest?


This ain’t an announcement. More like a call to action, or at least a test of the waters to see if there’ interest. I live in La Crosse, WI. I don’t know if you know this, but it snows here for about five or six months of the year. Plenty of time to stay indoors and appreciate your coral tank. Now what I was wondering if there were others here that lived in the area that might be interested in meeting up and talking shop. Sharing tips and showing off. We could take turns which house we meet in and which tank, or tanks, gets to be the focal point. I realise there ain’t many hear yet, but I figured I could leave this here for future members to see and give me a holler.


Frank have you checked out our map, calendar and events section?

You can see all the coral swaps in your area I recommend you add your own events too.