Clownfish good, Anemones bad?


I’m just starting out. I don’t even have my first tank yet. I’ve been watching all kinds of videos to figure out how to get started with the hobby. A lot of them seem to recommend starting with Clownfish, saying that they are hardy and easy to take care of, but I’ve also seen lots of videos suggesting Anemones are only recommended for the most experienced reefers, and that they’d likely die if you don’t know what you’re doing. Don’t Clownfish and Anemones have a symbiotic relationship? Can you really have one without the other?


Anemones can be very difficult to take care of, but soft corals will give you a lot of the visual appeal of an anemone without the difficulty. The elegance coral, for example, can be placed in the bottom of your tank in the substrate. Unlike an anemone, it won’t go anywhere. It’s also very pretty. Don’t worry about the Clownfish. In the wild they live in anemones because they’re immune to the sting and predators can’t touch them as long as the stay with the anemone. You won’t have any predators in your tank though so they’ll be fine without them,


I love my Clowns. The only fish I have in my tank are clowns. Not just orange ones, but black ones, pink ones, yellow and blue ones and red ones! I have reefs in there too, to give the clowns something to swim in and out of, and a bunch of snails and shrimp to keep everything clean. I’ve even kept the clown them going with a Harlequin shrimp, even though I have to keep feeding it starfish. I may have let that bugger go, it’s getting expensive. Anyway, my point was Clownfish are great. Easy to take care of, and there are enough different types that you don’t really need anything else.


Yes. Anemones are very difficult to keep, and clownfish are super easy. Don’t worry about the fact that clownfish pal around with anemones in the wild. They only do that to be safe from predators. You’re not putting any eels, sharks or large predatory fish in there, so you have nothing to worry about. You wouldn’t be able to fit them in the tank anyway. Get some clownfish, cardinal fish and gobies and enjoy. Stay away from mandarin gobies though, unless you have a stable population of copepods.