Best starter fish?


I’ve seen lots of recommendations for starting with clownfish, but what else would be an easy to take care of fish to start with? Do you even need fish at all in a coral tank? Does having more fish help the coral thrive, or would it be better to keep the fish population low? I think I’d rather have fewer fish to take care of, but I still need to pick the right ones. The videos I’ve found were also unclear about what to feed saltwater fish. Can you use the same fish food as freshwater fish? Do you need special food or does the reef sustain itself?


Blennies are a good one. They’re not only easy to take care of but they’ll form a part of your cleanup crew too. Another really easy fish and attractive fish, and one you don’t see too often, is the Banggai Cardinal Fish. Make sure they’re captive bred. If you get a Goby, avoid the Mandarin Goby. Most Gobies are good starter fishes, but the Mandarin is tricky, and a very picky eater. With all the fish I mentioned you can give them Reef food pellets or flakes. I’d recommend pellets because they don’t float. Frozen foods are great too, and help prevent over-feeding.


I had a Mandarin once. That damned thing was useless. Just sat in the bottom of the tank not moving. Then one day my wife asks me why there’s an orange in the tank. I said “that’s the closest thing you’ll be getting to a Mandarin Goby in my tank!” Seriously though. Them things are a pain in the ass! They may be pretty and all, but the damned things won’t eat regular food. just copepods, which the other fish
eat too leaving none left for the Mandarins. Keep away from Sixline Wrasse and Damsels too if you’re just starting out.